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The project will produce a set of case studies on selected emerging countries. The selection of the case studies will take into account two criteria: the emerging country must be systemically important (i.e. it must be a member of the G-20) and the countries selected must be experiencing different stages in the demographic transition. For more information see the call for proposals.

The case studies will:

- analyze the linkages between the country’s demographic trends, the current account, and financial flows;
-identify the factors related with financial underdevelopment and flaws in the DFA in the country under analysis that are deemed to be the most relevant obstacles to financial transactions associated with demographic opportunities;
- investigate the incentives for adopting non-cooperative strategies that the authorities of the country are facing in the post-crisis period, given the characteristics of the current IFA and the national policy goals;
-evaluate reform alternatives (concerning the IFA and the DFA) to change the “payoff matrix” so as to promote cooperation to exploit the growth potential of the country’s demography and deactivate the incentives for free-riding.