Research activities are focused on producing knowledge to contribute to the advance of scientific knowledge, to the strengthening of informed public debate, and to the design, implementation and evaluation of public policies.
Training and outreach activities are many: teaching of undergraduate and graduate courses at national and foreign universities and institutions; internal academic meetings; organization of seminars, sessions and discussion workshops open to the general public and/or to experts on the subjects under research; introducing to the community the services of the Information Center (CI-CEDES) that collects, organizes and disseminates information regarding the different academic departments of the institution.
The purposes of this activity are: 1) to make the research results known so as to contribute to social debate; 2) to generate spaces for academic exchange and theoretic and methodological discussion; 3) to transfer knowledge so as to reinforce public awareness, to advocate for human rights and contribute to the design, evaluation and control of public policies; and 4) to participate in academic networks devoted to the promotion of scientific knowledge. 
Consultancy activities are focused on national and foreign academic institutions, international organizations, non-governmental institutions and private and public organizations. The activities are offered during the different stages of the research process: project formulation and presentation; information collection, processing and analysis; strategies for making results known.
The purpose of these activities are: 1) to improve research capacity in those teams that work on subjects related to those addressed by CEDES; 2) to help governmental institutions in the design, implementation and monitoring of public programs and policies; and 3) to advice non-governmental institutions to improve their management and performance. 

Training young researchers in the field of social sciences has been one of the main activities undertaken by CEDES. This activity started at the end of the 1970s within the Latin-American Training Programme for Young Researchers, which was operative for over 20 years. In recent years, this initiative was followed by a range of new training programmes such as the Young Researchers International Training Programme in Economics; the Summer Internship Programme; and other programmes in the area of Health, Economics and Society, Research Training Program on Tobacco Control. At the same time, CEDES launched other educational activities as collaborative initiatives with other academic institutions. These included the Masters in Social Sciences and Health (CEDES-FLACSO Argentina), the Postgraduate Diploma in NGOs (CEDES– UDESA-UTDT) and the Diploma in Health and Sexual and Reproductive Rights (CEDES – Universidad Isalud). In addition to these programmes, CEDES hosts both Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Fellows from CONICET. Many of our young research fellows have completed their graduate studies at prestigious universities and academic institutions, both at the national and international level.

Over 160 professionals have benefitted from our training programmes and have later on occupied distinguished positions in the academic, political, and social arenas. CEDES young research fellows have served in a variety of activities, acting as professors and academic authorities at different universities, occupying leading positions in national and international financial institutions, coordinating research programmes, providing technical assistance to governments, and acting in other areas of the national academic and political life. In addition, some of them are currently a part of CEDES’ Board of Researchers and permanent staff.

List of research fellows +PDF.

Description and goals
The Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation Program (PGME, for its Spanish acronym) is a cross-cutting program based on the expertise of CEDES different Departments, both at the national and international level. It began its activities in 2003 to bridge the gap between civil society organizations and grantees. The professional service of excellence it provides to other organizations helps them improve their opportunities and strengthen their capabilities to develop research and intervention projects, for the benefit of public interest initiatives. This Program is dedicated to the activities related to project management, from technical assistance for project design, preparation and budget control, to the management of funds and presentation of financial and accounting reports.


Program Beneficiaries
National and international grantees that need the support or advice of CEDES to channel donations to younger entities or to those that have gaps in their management structure.
Non-profit organizations that ask CEDES for its advice and support so as to apply in national and international calls for proposals.
Foreign universities that carry out research with fieldwork and training in Argentina.

Ongoing projects:
Project name: Capacitación en Investigación en Control del Tabaco (CICTA) (Tobacco Control Research Training).
Institution in charge: CEDES- General Internal Medicine Program, Medicine Department, Hospital de Clínicas, University of Buenos Aires.
Funding institution: IDRC-Canada (International Development Research Center).
Duration: 2008-2012.

Project name: Investigación sobre el uso del tabaco en Argentina (Research on the Use of Tobacco in Argentina) (Second Stage).
Institution in charge: Regional Science and Technology Institute (ICTER), Jujuy.
Funding institution: NIH-Fogarty (National Institutes of Health-Forgarty).
Duration: 2008-2012.

Finished projects:
Project name: Incorporación de la enseñanza sobre sexualidades en la currícula académica de las universidades de Asia, África y América Latina (Incorporation of teachings on sexuality in the academic curricula of universities in Asia, Africa and Latin America).
Institution in charge: CEDES-IIGG (Gino Germani Research Institute, School of Social Sciences, University of Buenos Aires).
Funding institution: Ford Foundation
Duration: 2008-2009.

Project name: Armonización de políticas públicas para educación sexual en el ámbito escolar en países del MERCOSUR (Coordination of sexual education public policies in the school context in MERCOSUR countries).
Institution in charge: National Ministry of Education and National Ministry of Health.
Funding institution: GTZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit).
Duration: 2007-2009.

Tertulia: Hablemos de aborto
September 11, 2014
Organized by: CEDES, GES

Las políticas de destierro y el exilio en América Latina
August 26, 2014
Organized by: CEDES, Fondo de Cultura Económica

Taller de Investigaciones sobre Aborto en América Latina: una nueva agenda (Research Workshop on Abortion in Latin America: a New Agenda)
September 10-11, 2013
Organized by:  CEDES, OMS, Consorcio Latinoamericano contra el Aborto Inseguro (CLACAI) and sponsored by UNFPA-Argentina


¿Quo vadis, Argentina? La política en tiempos electorales (Quo vadis, Argentina? Politics during election times)
August 21, 2013
Organized by:  CEDES

Tercer Taller de la Red de Referentes para el Acceso al Aborto Seguro en la Argentina (REDAAS) (Third Key Actors Network Workshop for the Access to Safe Abortion in Argentina)
July 11-12, 2013
Organized by: CEDES; FEIM; sponsored by Amnesty International and the Equipo Latinoamericano de Justicia y Género (ELA); and sponsored by CLACAI; IPAS; Gynuity Health Projects; National Abortion Federation (NAF) USA; World Health Organization (WHO)

¿Elijo Fumar? Tabaco, Política e Investigación (Do I Choose to Smoke? Tobacco, Policy and Research)
June 12, 2013
Organized by: CEDES; National Ministry of Health; Hospital de Clínicas, University of Buenos Aires

Ciclo Las políticas sociales en debate – Segundo encuentro. Patrones, obreros y gobierno (Cycle: Social Policies under Debate. Second meeting. Employers, employees and government, 1916-1930
May 8, 2013
Organized by:  CEDES; National University of Quilmes (UNQ); School of Philosophy and Arts, University of Buenos Aires

Ciclo Las políticas sociales en debate – Primer encuentro. Las políticas laborales en la Argentina: primera mitad del siglo XX. (Cycle: Social Policies under Debate. First meeting. Labor policies in Argentina: First Half of the 20th C.
April 10, 2013
Organized by:  CEDES; Centro de Estudios en Historia, Cultura y Memoria (CEHCMe), National University of Quilmes (UNQ); Gender Studies Interdisciplinary Institute (IIEG-UBA)

Perspectivas sobre el desarrollo económico (Economic Development Perspectives)
December 5, 2012

Segunda reunión de referentes para el fortalecimiento de la política pública de acceso al aborto no punible en Argentina (Second Key Actors Meeting to Strengthen Public Policy for the Access to Non Punishable Abortion in Argentina)
September 19-21, 2012
Organized by: CEDES; FEIM, with the support of IPAS

Coloquio Político Argentino. Proyecto del área “Calidad de la Democracia en Municipios Argentinos” (Argentine Political Symposium. Project on the Area: Quality of Democracy in Argentinean Municipalities”)
May 18, 2012
CiGob and CEDES

Lessons from the Argentine Crisis: Default and Recovery
May 2-3, 2012
Organized by:  CEDES with the support of Ford Foundation

Aplicaciones textuales del Programa ATLAS.TI5 (software para la asistencia del análisis de datos cualitativos) (Text Applications of the ATLAS.TI5 Program (Software to assist in the analysis of qualitative data))
February 28, 2012
Organized by:  CEDES; Proyecto UBACyT

El acceso al aborto no punible en la Argentina: diagnóstico de situación y propuestas para su fortalecimiento (Access to Non Punishable Abortion in Argentina: A Situation Diagnosis and Proposals to Strengthen it)
October 13, 2011
Organized by: CEDES; FEIM, with the collaboration of IPAS

La estrategia del UNFPA para la garantía de prestaciones prioritarias en salud sexual y reproductiva: lecciones aprendidas e intercambio de experiencias nacionales (UNFPA Strategies to Ensure the Provision of Sexual and Reproductive Health Priority Services: Lessons Learnt and Exchange on National Lessons)
October 4-5, 2011
Organized by: CEDES with the support of UNFPA

“Causal Salud” para referentes provinciales del Programa Nacional de Salud Sexual y Procreación Responsable (“Health Exception” for Provincial Key Actors from the Sexual Health and Responsible Procreation National Program)
July 5, 2011
Organized by: CEDES

Regulaciones financieras, macroeconomía y desarrollo en América Latina (Financial Regulations, Macroeconomics and Development in Latin America)
May 2011
Organized by: CEDES; CEFID-AR; Centro Cultural de la Cooperación, Buenos Aires