Academic Council

CEDES Academic Council oversees the topics, research projects, and activities carried out at the Center´s Departments. It aims at offering expert advice in the identification of new academic trends and methodologies in the fields of research, research training, publications, postgraduate training, organization of international and national meetings and other activities that enable CEDES to continue striving towards the highest level of academic excellence.

The Academic Council is made up by 13 members with extensive and distinguished international experience in research and teaching related to one or more of the specialized fields of the center:

The Academic Council supports the authorities and members of the Center by performing the following functions:

  • Provide advise on trending and emerging issues, as well as relevant practices, in the specialized disciplines of the Board’s members.
  • Disseminate information on CEDES´ programs, projects, publications and other academic initiatives within their respective fields, so as to expand the outreach of the institutional work and identify potential sources of collaboration with other centers and researchers, either within or outside the country.
  • Act, at the request of CEDES´ Assembly, as an instance of evaluation, academic jury or, eventually, as an ethics committee, whenever its position is requested regarding new recruitment of new researchers, promotions, publications, new lines of research, creation of other specialized Departments and the like.
  • Propose new projects, colloquia, seminars or conferences that hold promise of furthering the center´s scope and goals.
  • Assess and make recommendations on proposals that the Center may submit for its consideration and opinion.