As established by the regulations for non-profit organizations in Argentina, the institution is governed by a statute and the General Inspectorate of Justice of the National Ministry of Justice is its auditing authority.

CEDES is managed and administered by a Board of Directors; the Executive Director is entitled to perform all management acts, and is responsible for representing the institution and reporting to the Board of Researchers about the state of accounts, institutional agreements and all other issues relevant to the functioning of the institution. Currently, Executive Director is Mario Damill.

CEDES highest academic body is the Board of Researchers, composed of Senior and Associate Researchers. This Board meets periodically and is in charge of: electing the Executive Director among its members, incorporating new visiting researchers and deciding about promotions. It also decides about investments on equipment, management of institutional grants, approval of balances, and administration of institutional funds.

Board of Directors
President: Roberto Frenkel
Treasurer: Leonardo Stanley
Secretary: Martín Rapetti
Executive Director: Mario Damill (