Natalia Gualdoni

Social worker and Social Science Professor. Master in Social Policies in FLACSO University (thesis underway).She has supervised the execution of numerous social policies in the federal government and the city of Buenos Aires. She has acted as advisor to the National Ombudsperson, the Ministry of Labour, the Ministry of Social Development (at the national level) and and in the Auditing Agency of the city of Buenos Aires.
He made several diagnoses referred to the housing and social situation of the City of Buenos Aires, as well as evaluations of social projects in different provinces of Argentina. She has teaching experience at the middle, tertiary and university levels and published vocational training for teachers of the initial and EGB of the Province of Buenos Aires
Currently, she is a member of the technical coordination team of the National Plan for the Prevention and Reduction of Non-Intentional Pregnancy in Adolescents and participates in research projects at the City Studies Center (UBA) and CEDES. He also serves as a teacher in the subjects: Socio-demographic studies (Faculty of Social Sciences, UBA) and Public Management (National University of José C Paz).